Ignacio Hernández, Esq.

Ignacio was introduced to political activism at a young age, walking picket lines as a 4 year-old in support of bilingual counseling services for public schools in San Jose, California. Throughout his college and law school years, Ignacio organized major political protests and campaigns in support of expanded student access, faculty diversity, and criminal justice reform. His interest in public policy advocacy was piqued in 1994 when he joined an unsuccessful campaign to adopt a Civilian Review Board to oversee the San Jose Police Department.

As a practicing attorney, Ignacio handled criminal defense and civil rights cases. In 2003 Ignacio established the Hernández Strategy Group, a full-service political and legislative advocacy and consulting firm in Sacramento. HSG represents nonprofit organizations at the California Legislature and Ignacio testified more than 1000 times in front of legislative committees.

Ignacio studied political science, sociology and philosophy at U.C. Berkley and San Jose State University. He is a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law and is licensed by the State Bar of California. He has practiced law throughout Northern California, representing individuals in criminal defense cases, as well as, in workers’ rights and civil rights lawsuits.
Ignacio also taught in the Political Science and Mexican-American Studies departments, including courses on critical race theory and public policy analysis and development. Most recently, he taught a Criminal Justice and Public Health graduate course at Touro University in Vallejo.
He is the father of two children, Sol a first-year musical theatre student at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and Esteban, a junior in high school. Ignacio founded, operated and coached a multi-grade youth travel basketball program, SacTown Chaos.