Dodd’s Garage Door Safety Bill Clears Key Committee

HSG Client, the Consumer Federation of California, has partnered with Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) to sponsor a measure to improve public safety during power outages by requiring automatic garage door openers to be equipped with back up battery.  This important bill passed out of the Senate Transportation and Housing committee with a 12-0 vote, with one member not voting.

Driven by the tragic wildfires in 2017, Senator Dodd introduced SB 969 to ensure that residents could not be trapped by their garage doors during an evacuation. Media reports have estimated that at least five residents lost their lives because they could not drive out of their garages on the night of the North Bay fire.

“The tragic lesson of the recent fires is that we need to have backup systems, so residents are not trapped,” said Richard Holober, executive director of the statewide consumer group. “This is an important measure that will protect people when the power goes out.”

Garage Doors have created an unexpected obstacle in the event of an emergency evacuation, expanding current law will ensure that garage doors are equipped with backup batteries.  SB 969 is a common sense safety measure that will help avoid preventable injuries and death.

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