CCRA Celebrates CA Court Reporting & Captioning Week

February 19, 2015 – Yesterday, with the help of Assemblymember Mark Stone, HSG Client, the California Court Reporters Association (CCRA) proclaimed the week of February 15, 2015 through February 21, 2015, as the “California Court Reporting and Captioning Week,” recognizing the court reporting and captioning profession and its history.

Bonilla_Stone_Brooke  Henrikson_Connie Parchman_CA Court  Reporters Assn.517 02-19-15

CCRA joins Assemblymember Mark Stone on the Assembly Floor to honor CA Court Reporting & Captioning Week. (L-R) Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, CCRA President-Elect Brooke Henrikson, CCRA President Carlos Martinez, Assemblymember Mark Stone

Each year, the National Court Reporting Association honors the professions of court reporting and captioning by recognizing a National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. This year marks the first in California history where an Assembly Concurrent Resolution, ACR 20, has helped bring awareness to the impact that court reporters and captioners have on capturing California’s history.

Assemblymember Mark Stone authored the resolution which passed by a unanimous vote on the Assembly Floor.

“Designating this week as California Court Reporting & Captioning Week gives our profession the opportunity to celebrate the value that stenographic skills bring to today’s marketplace,” – Carlos Martinez, CCRA president.