At-Risk Youth Gather at State Capitol to Call for Second Chances

CA YouthBuild participants discuss the importance of giving youthful offenders an opportunity to rebuild their lives

SACRAMENTO, APRIL 24, 2014 – The California YouthBuild Coalition (CAYB) will gather for their annual “Government Education Day” to discuss the importance of successful job training programs and employment opportunities for at-risk youth. Assemblymember Nora Campos (D-San Jose) will also honor the program by declaring April 3rd as “YouthBuild Day” in California.

California YouthBuild provides services that have proven to greatly reduce the recidivism rates among at-risk youth. According to California Emergency Management Agency’s (Cal-EMA) performance statistics from a pilot project spearheaded by California YouthBuild in 2013, of the 411 youth offenders in the program, 405 remained arrest-free. That is a recidivism rate of only 1.5 percent, dramatically better than the state and national rate.

“This year, we have nearly 150 teenagers with us, representing 15 cities around the state,” said Sandra Waterhouse, President of the California YouthBuild Coalition. “Government Education Day is a time for us to share these successes and talk about how important these programs are for youth reentry and community growth.”

The YouthBuild Program has built a reputation as an invaluable resource and second chance for young people looking to rebuild their lives. YouthBuild provides students with the opportunity to obtain their diploma or GED, learn construction skills while building affordable housing in their communities, secure good jobs and even go on to obtain a postsecondary education.