Ignacio Hernández Esq.

Ignacio founded Hernández Strategy Group in 2003 to provide public interest organizations with aggressive representation in the State Capitol. His advocacy style draws on skills he developed during his years of grassroots organizing, experience as an attorney, and as a former Chief of Staff in both the California State Assembly and State Senate.

He has advocated on nearly 700 bills since establishing HSG. He has developed a reputation as a go-to public interest advocate with unique insights into the political landscape and legislative process. Ignacio has worked on criminal justice policy for almost 15 years and consumer protection legislation for a decade. In his legal practice, Ignacio focused on criminal defense, and employment discrimination cases representing workers.

Ignacio began his political\legislative career serving on the staff of then-Assemblymember, Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA), eventually earning a position as consultant to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety under Honda’s chairmanship.

Ignacio later accepted the position as Chief of Staff to an Assemblymember. In this position he supervised fifteen staff members and served as primary consultant to the Assemblymember on criminal justice, civil rights, labor and education policy issues. While there Ignacio successfully secured passage of nearly 100 new laws including measures to provide wage protection for immigrant workers, cracking down on media-cal fraud, and stiffer penalties for police misconduct.

Prior to his move to Sacramento, Ignacio was a lecturer in the Political Science and Mexican-American Studies Departments at San Jose State University where he developed an original curriculum for lower and upper division courses including “Law and Society: Critical Race Theory and Legal Justice”, “Theories of Social Change for the Latino Community”, and “Contemporary Political Issues”.

Ignacio is a former President for the Sacramento Chapter of the La Raza Lawyers Association, Board Member of the Statewide La Raza Lawyers of California and was a member of the California Judicial Council, Criminal Law Advisory Committee. Ignacio obtained his law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law and conducted his undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley and San Jose State University.